American Ghost Stories

This incident happened on the 9th of September, 2000. It was my birthday. My cousin, Yaritza; her boyfriend, Carlos; my boyfriend, Eric; and I, were bored and lamenting on what to do for my birthday. Suddenly, Eric had a brilliant idea. He suggested we took a bus to town and have fun at the clubs there. Even though it was a long trip, we agreed.  

We got on a bus and were on our way to Connecticut Town. After two hours in the bus, we became restless, so we bobbed our heads here and there hoping to catch a glimpse of the town, but it was nowhere to be seen.

Then, suddenly, we heard“POP!”  

“One of the tires has blown,” yelled the driver as he looked back at us. “Is everyone okay?”

We looked around and everyone seemed okay.  

“This is going to take awhile,” The bald middle-aged driver said as he looked around and wiped his forehead of sweat.

Flanking both sides of the road were trees and nothing else.

The driver stopped the bus and climbed out of his seat. “Anyone who wants to take a leak, go ahead but don't get lost in the woods, okay?” With those words, he dug under his seat. We heard a clutter of sounds as he pulled out his toolbox.  

Every one of us rushed out of the bus to stretch our legs. It felt really good to be able to breathe in fresh air as opposed to the conditioned air in the bus. Then, Eric pulled me by the arm, and we walked toward the woods. I looked back and saw Yaritza and Carlos just standing around near the bus, so I yelled out for them to come along.

We walked, and walked, until I became a little afraid. I stopped. “We have to go back!” I said.  

“Oh come on, Keishla. The driver said it will take some time to get the tire replaced,” Eric said, pulling my hand.

Soon, we were walking again. I saw a light brown structure behind some trees. I stopped, and then took a few steps back to get a better look. Without a word, I pulled Eric by the arm and walked toward the structure. Yaritza and Carlos were just behind us. As we cleared some trees, the structure became more apparent. It was an abandoned wooden house. Almost the entire house was covered with crawlies. If we hadn't gotten close, we wouldn't have been able to recognize it was a house. Only the front porch and the right side of the facade was free from the crawlies.  

“Wow! This is cool, man!” Carlos said, with his mouth opened wide.  

“Spooky, if you ask me.” Yaritza made a slight grimace.

“Well, I'm not asking,” Carlos teased and poked Yaritza at the side of her waist.  

“Stop it, you moron!”  

Carlos laughed and ran towards the house. He stepped onto the porch and walked towards the door. Eric followed. Every step they took made the floor creak. The two boys now were peering and peeking curiously into the house. Yaritza and I exchanged looks and shook our heads.  

“Come on girls, what are you afraid of?” Carlos yelled.  

Yaritza rolled her eyes towards the sky.  

“Bet you ten bucks you won't last ten minutes in there!” Carlos dared us. He was pretty certain we would be chicken about it.  

Gritting my teeth, I took Yaritza's hand and dragged her towards the porch. I was surprised she didn't resist. I was poised to proof the boys wrong.

We entered the front door without mooting. The floor was a mess; there were piles of wooden planks and broken glass pieces everywhere.

“Come on, let's check out the kitchen.” I said to Yaritza, and pulled her along.  

While in the kitchen we heard the two boys mocking us with high pitched eerie wails. We were irritated more than anything. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

Suddenly, there was a loud slam. Yaritza screamed, and made me scream too.

“Damn boys!” I snapped, knowing only too well it was them trying to scare us.

Yaritza ran to the door and tried to open it. It wouldn't open. She yelled for Carlos to open the door. But we didn't hear their voices anymore. They must have been hiding somewhere, and I was sure they would jump out and startle us the moment we rushed out of the house.

Since we couldn't get the front door to open, we skittered to the kitchen to see if there was a back door. There wasn't, so we hurried back to the living room for the front door again. Just as we stepped into the living room, we saw Eric and Carlos climbing in through the broken window beside the locked door. They urgently rushed up the stairs, ignoring us as though we were invisible. Suddenly, we heard terrifying thumping sounds. We nearly screamed when we saw the boys stomping down the stairs in a hurry.

“Carlos! Eric!” we screamed. Luckily, this time they acknowledged us.

Still not able to open the front door, we decided to go up to the second floor. We wanted to climb on the roof and jump from it. We got to the second floor and rushed to the window leading to the lower roof.

As we were opening the window, I saw a darkish movement from the corner of my eye. I turned. A little African girl was taking small steps towards me. I froze for a brief moment, then nudged at Eric. He nudged at Carlos and Yaritza.

We all saw the African girl.

She was pacing in a strange way, like in a faulty film—a few frames forwards, then stopped, then a few frames forward, then stopped again, and on and on like that.

I don't know what came over me; I screamed and pushed my friends out of the window as hard as I could. We dashed across the roof and jumped down. Luckily, we suffered only minor bruises and a sprained ankle.  

That experience changed our plan—we wanted to go home instead. We took our bags from the first bus and waited for a return bus to come by. We were lucky, a bus came by just as the bald driver had finished changing the tire and was ready to leave.

On the bus, I asked the boys why they had ignored us when they first climbed through the window into the living room. They said they had seen us on the roof, about to jump. They shouted to us but we didn't seem to notice them at all. Desperate, they crashed the glass window, climbed into the house and rushed upstairs to try and save us. They said they hadn't seen us downstairs at all. That was creepy because we had not been on the roof until later when we were all together.  

Another strange thing about the incident was that in the following weeks, every one of us were dreaming of the African girl. I kept hearing the African girl calling me in the middle of the nights. One night, I opened my eyes and there she was, sitting at the edge of my bed. I was so freaked out that I screamed hysterically and kicked her off. Luckily, that night my boyfriend was sleeping beside me. We cuddled for a very long time. Thank god, after I kicked her off, she hasn't appeared again.

Nowadays, I don't wander into woods anymore no matter how romantic or beautiful it seems.  

Keishla USA , Connecticut .


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