American Ghost Stories

Homework Night
I am a Native American of the Cherokee tribe.

Sitting comfortably with his arms rested on the armrests of his easy chair, my dad watched his favorite programmer on TV. I looked at the wall clock and realized it was getting really late. Soon, the TV went black and my dad stood up. He put the TV remote control on the right arm rest and said 'good night' to me. I smiled and responded with a 'good night' too.

As I worked on my homework, I looked at my dad's easy chair at the opposite side of the living room. It was tempting to just sit in it and sleep, but I couldn't; I had to hand in my homework first thing in the morning. Breathing a sigh, I sunk my face back into my work.

I heard a click, then the TV came on. I choked and stared at the TV for a moment. Thinking nothing much of it, I went over and turned the TV off with the remote control. I placed the remote control back on the armrest and returned to my seat.

Moments later, I heard the click again and the TV came on again. This time my heart jumped. But still I went over to my dad's easy chair, and just as I tried to reach for the remote control, I realized it was gone! My face went cold. I knew I was experiencing something strange. I looked around and saw the remote control on my table, just by my homework.

How did it get there? I was very sure I placed it back on the armrest of the easy chair. I was terrified but curious. I wanted to know if the remote control was cold: I had heard that when spirits touched anything, they turn cold. I babystepped over to my table and warily touched the remote control.


The controller slid off my hand, and I scudded straight for my bedroom, crept under the covers, and began to pray. I don't know how I got to sleep, but I did.

The next morning before leaving my room, I peered into the hallway. My dad was still asleep; I could hear him snoring. I walked out of my room and crept to the living room. To my surprise, I saw the remote control back on the armrest of my dad's easy chair!

How the neck did it get there?

This is the scariest paranormal experience I have ever had, and I will never forget it as long as I live!

Shawn Langston, 21
Student USA


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