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Haunted House in McKenzie Towne
My wife and I moved into our Calgary home a little over five years ago. Our house was newly built, along with a few hundred other new homes, in a neighborhood called McKenzie Towne. Up until a few years ago, we were both confirmed non-believers in ghosts. Although we have heard ghost stories, we believed there were rational explanations to clear up any mysteries. But now...

The events at our house began right after an encounter one of our neighbors had. Our neighbor, Isabella, (not her real name) was at home from work one day when she noticed that her pots and pans that were suspended from her kitchen ceiling started to swing back and forth. Her smoke detector began to buzz and wouldn't turn off no matter what she did. Upon a friend's advice on the phone, she spoke loudly and clearly to her kitchen, and explained to whoever was causing the disturbance that although she appreciated the visit, she was freaking out, and could they please stop. The smoke detector stopped buzzing and the pots and pans mysteriously stopped swinging.

Our first occurrence happened a few weeks after our neighbor's traumatic experience with the pots and pans. We had just returned from a vacation, and our suitcases were scattered in the hallway. Out from the corner of my eye, I noticed my wife's hand sticking out from our hallway closet. She was obviously trying to scare me by hiding in the closet, and of course, she'd yell "Boo!" when I opened the closet door.

I was approaching the closet with the intention of ripping open the door and giving her a scare instead when I heard her voice calling to me from the Bedroom. So, if she's in the bedroom . . . who's in the closet? As hard as I tried, I wasn't able to bring out my voice to answer her. I don't know how I managed, but I slowly reached for the closet door and pulled it open. Of course, there was nothing in the closet.

I just couldn't get the image of fingers wrapping around the top of the closet door out of my mind. I was pretty sure I saw a hand.

The last and freakiest occurrence happened in our master bathroom a few weeks later. We were both relaxing in the tub and joking about that goofy ghost mishap. Suddenly, my wife had a crazy idea to contact the ghost. She spoke to the ceiling loudly and asked whoever was there to make the flame of one of the candles go flat. My wife and I stared at the flame. Suddenly, the flame started to flicker and it bent low, almost flat, as if someone was trying very hard to blow it out. It stayed low for about 3 seconds. Our faces must have droop like melting wax right then. Suddenly, the flicker stopped and the flame came to a vertical calm again. We jumped out of the tub, grabbed our towels, and rushed out of the bathroom.

We swore that we'd never ever do anything like that again. Needless to say, we can't honestly call ourselves non-believers anymore.

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