Thailand Ghost Stories

Ghost on the Train
I am an Australian. I encountered this ghost while traveling from Hatyai to Bangkok.

I boarded the Express train at Hatyai Train Station. The journey was to be an overnight one. I would arrive in Bangkok sometime noon the next day. I had a sleeper ticket, which meant my seat would be unfolded into a bed at night; that would only be around 8pm. Before that, I had to endure sitting through the long and arduous six-hour journey on the slightly padded seats.

It was a hot day, and the train was slow. It stopped every half an hour or so at small town stations where more passengers and food vendors would come on board. It was good in a way; I could have a snack or two.

The seat in front of me was vacant, and an old woman was pushing her way through the narrow aisle towards it. She was struggling with her luggage, so being the nice guy that I am, I gave her a helping hand. I was amazed that her luggage( two heavy bags) were very heavy, too heavy for someone her age to manage, but she somehow did.

She sat in front of me but avoided eye contact. I didn’t really expect a 'thank you' anyway, so I went about reading my book. Once in a while, I would sense her stealing glances at me. Every time I looked at her, she avoided my eyes. I assumed it was normal for 'Thais' to feel shy towards farangs (Caucasians). Also, I had doubts about her understanding English.

Things started getting interesting when I had to take a leak. I smiled a courtesy smile at her as I moved one of her bags aside to make way for my foot. My, was I shocked! She looked YOUNG! Much younger than the 70-year-old woman I saw just now. She had lost 45 to 50 years in two hours. She had become a gorgeous 25-year-old!

I swear, I was more confused than scared.

When I returned back to my seat, I had my eyes on her every other minute because she was so beautiful and I was amazed at her transformation. I thought I was dreaming.

It was difficult to get her to look at me, but once it did happen—we locked eyes. There was a certain depth in her eyes like nothing I know. It's hard to describe. I felt pulled in. I was mesmerized. I must have stared at her for a full minute without taking a breath. My heart was pounding hard and fast, and I sensed she knew that.

I remember trying to pull myself away, but it was impossible. l was totally paralysed! Then, she smiled—God, it was sinister! I jerked back and was relieved to be freed from her bind. I wanted to get out of there but my knees were too weak. I was shivering, yet perspired like a waterfall under my arms. I just looked down at my book, but my mind was still on her. It was tough, but I managed to evade her eyes all the way.

Then it was time for the seats to be unfolded and made into beds. While the train staff worked on the bed, I stood silently beside the lady. I sensed her gazing at me, and it made my knees weak. I truly thought I was going to faint. But luckily the bed was ready in minutes, and I quickly climbed onto the upper deck, closed the curtains, took deep breaths, and lay down.

I managed to sleep for a few hours, then I was awoken by the pressure in my bladder. I pulled the curtains open. To my horror, the old wrinkled face was right there behind the curtains. She looked at me angrily, then opened her mouth to show me a pair of sharp fangs behind her upper lips.

I shrieked like a girl and wet myself uncontrollably.

In my fright, I had pulled the curtains close. Some of the other passengers were awoken by my scream and had started a commotion. I was too afraid and embarrassed to come out. Seeing nothing amiss they all went back to sleep again.

I didn’t sleep or went out to dry myself. That's how scared I was.

On first light, I peeped out, and to my relief, she was not there. I grabbed my stuff, fled to another cabin and stayed there—standing until Bangkok station.

It was a horrible experience I never want to go through again.

Greg, 33.
Radiographer, 2 May 2003.


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