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Lost Soul at the Bus Stop
There is a bus stop at Upper Aljunied Road that I'm told is haunted. For non-Singapore residents, Upper Aljunied Road sits between two cemeteries. A Christian one on one side, and a Muslim one on another.

Why I say it's haunted? Well, I've been in many taxis and when the drivers are talkative, they most likely will tell you this story when you ask them about ghostly encounters. Yes, many taxi drivers who have passed this road have experienced this phenomenon one time or another.

They say if you travel through Upper Aljunied Road between midnight and 4am, and only if you are lucky, you will see a beautiful young Malay woman with a baby in her arms.

One time, there was an ignorant taxi driver who happened to pick her up. She boarded the taxi and just pointed ahead without saying a word. So, the driver drove on ahead. After some minutes, he asked her where she wanted to go, but she just smiled and instructed him with a hand gesture to go straight ahead. Upper Aljunied Road stretches quite a distance, so when the taxi approached the end of it, at the junction, he asked her again where exactly she wanted to go. She simply replied, "Balik rumah"(going home).

He was a little annoyed by her ambiguous reply and made his impatience felt with his next remark. "Ya lah, lu mau balik rumah, mana lu punya rumah lu misti cakap lah, ayah susah lah ini macam."(Yes, I know you want to go home but where the heck is your home? Gosh, you’re giving me a hard time!).

She was hurt and started sobbing. Feeling guilty, he apologised and then asked her gently what her address was. She then asked to be taken back to the place she boarded his taxi.

The irate driver was furious and made an angry sharp U-turn and headed back to the spot he picked her up from. He could not keep his anger in, and soon was nagging away. As he was busy nagging, he failed to realise that she was no longer seated in the back seat. When he did look in the mirror, he was horrified to see her gone. Then, the smell of sweet Frangipani began to fill his cab.[Frangipani is a flower associated with death]. His hands began to tremble and he felt chilled to the bones. Without another though, he sped off and out of Upper Aljunied Road. He never traveled along that road after midnight again since the experience.

Other taxi drivers have also picked up the Malay woman with a child but had different experiences with her. Some would realise immediately after she came aboard that she was a ghost. Some would not even notice anything strange until they smelt the sweet scent of Frangipani.

Photographer - 13 Mar 2003.



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