Philippines Ghost Stories

Handsome Ghost
A regular school day in September 2004, I walked down the corridor of my old high school to a class at the other end. I was hoping to find my cousin still in class. I popped my head in a little. “Great, she's still here,” I said under my breath.

I had hoped not to see her teacher, and I was lucky she wasn't in the class. Most of the students have left but there were a few of them still in the class, chatting.

“Pssst. Hannah.” I tried getting her attention since her back was facing me. Not only did Hannah turn, some other students did too. Among them was a handsome boy seated at the corner, beside a girl I did not know. My cousin came over and we talked at the door.

“My class is over, and if yours is too, wanna walk home together?” I asked.

“Yeah, I'll see you in a while. We're just discussing something now. I'll be out in five minutes,” Hannah said.

I couldn't help noticing the handsome boy staring at me. My eyes met his, and we locked eyes for a couple of seconds. I felt very killig (excited).

My cousin noticed the slight smile on my face and turned back to see who it was that I was amused by. She turned back to me with a frown but didn't say anything.

“Well, see ya' later,” I said, and made my way downstairs to wait for her.

My cousin came down with another classmate, and we walked together. I was at the edge of my patience wanting to ask her about the handsome classmate of hers. I was waiting for her classmate to leave so that I could. When we parted ways with her, I asked my friend excitedly. “Who's the look good looking boy seated at the back row?”

Hannah frowned. “Which good looking guy? All the guys in my class are...” Hannah pouted her lips and frowned even more as she shook her head. “U-uh, there's no handsome boy in my class. I wish there was.”

“Tct...he was seated at the forth row, beside a girl and another guy. The girl wore a red ribbon in her hair. I don't know her name.” I became a little impatient.

“You mean, Sarah?” Hannah said.

“I donno her name,” I replied. “So, who's the guy sitting beside her?”

“There's only Mario seated beside Sarah. And he's not good looking, not at all,” Hannah said, rolling her eyes to the ceiling.

I glared at Hannah. “I know Mario, and I don't mean Mario. The other guy, Hannah!” I was at the point of screaming. “He was wearing a white tee and blue pants. His skin is white, very white,” I said, and walked ahead.

Hannah looked at me dumbfounded. “There's no one in my class by that description, Ness.”

I glared at Hannah. “Oh, forget it.”

“Jonathan?” Hannah said, feeling guilty.

I shook my head.

“Eddie?” She went on.

Hannah kept mentioning other names but they were all names of guys I had already known. I was really frustrated and angry with Hannah missing what I considered stunningly attractive. Hannah and I normally had the same taste, but she had let me down this time. I walked on and we never spoke of the handsome guy again.

Feeling guilty, Hannah spoke to Mario and Sarah about the mysterious handsome guy when she was back in class the next day. Both Mario and Sarah were surprised that I had seen another guy with them. They clearly remembered there was no one else apart from themselves. The queries had left Mario, Sarah, and Hannah quite spooked. They began talking about it to other students. Soon, the entire class had heard about the handsome boy.

Since then, many of our schoolmates had come out saying things that they had not dared to say before, fearing embarrassment. The stories went around, and even the teachers who had worked there for many years, shared their experiences. They said they had heard some teachers talking about a floating lady in a white gown, a young girl hanging by the neck from a rope tied to a tree branch, and boy scouts marching about and disappearing into walls.

The school I'm talking about is Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School, located at  Don Apolonario Velez Street, Cagayan de Oro City. It was built back when Philippines was still an American colony.

I never found out about the handsome boy, nor have I seen him again.

Nessa Felicilda, 18.


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