Philippines Ghost Stories

Ghost in the Building
This incident happened in the year 1998.

Five months pregnant and feeling hungry constantly, I could not decline Mary's offer to dinner. I looked at my wrist watch as I pushed the elevator button. It was 6:30 pm.  

"Gosh, I hope I'm not late," I uttered under my breath.  

Then, the elevator doors opened. I walked in and pressed the '9' button. As the elevator made its way up, I could hear the cranking and clonking that you would normally not hear in a crowded elevator—it was already long after the regular office hours.  

When the elevator doors slid open, I peered out into the dark corridor to see if I was at the right level. The elevator indicator lights were out of order so I had no idea what level I was on.

I was relieved when I saw Mary's office at the end of the dimly lit corridor. I stepped out of the elevator and began to walk. My heels hit hard onto the tiled floor, creating echoes through the corridor.

Click clock, click clock, click clock...  

As I walked, my shadows—cast by the few working ceiling lamps—shortened and lengthened against the floor and walls. It made me nervous. I turned to look over my shoulder to see if there was anyone behind me .There was no one else around. I couldn't explain why I felt so nervous.

Through her fully glassed-walled office, I saw Mary typing away on her computer keyboard. She had not noticed me, so I opened the door and peered in. Mary looked up and I smiled. I saw that Mary was a little surprised. I wondered why she should be; she knew I was coming. When I stepped in and let the glass door close behind me, Mary frowned and stared at me as though I had done something wrong.

"What's the matter, Mary?" I asked, concerned.  

"Who's that with you?" Mary pointed with her pouted lips to the corridor outside.

Puzzled, I turned to look at where she was pointing. I saw no one.

"There's no one there, Mary," I said, beginning to feel rather spooked. "I came alone."

Mary frowned even firmer, and said, "There's a man outside the door, he was behind you, but you closed the door before he could enter. Why?"

I stood dumbfounded and stared at her in disbelief. I didn't say a word.

He is wearing a white polo shirt," Mary added, her face turning slightly pale.  

Goose bumps began to sprout all over my back, arms, and neck. I felt panic on the way. In my head, weird notions started to spin: What if someone or something wanted to harm us? Just two girls in an office building that supposed to have been closed for the day. Gosh, what do we do?   Part of me wanted to scream, but the other kept me mummed.

Then, when I saw Mary staring out of the glass wall behind me with her face turning paler every second, I lost my composure. "Mary, what do you see?" The words creamed through my tightly clenched teeth.

Lips trembling, Mary quivered a few words softly. "A man. He's medium built and wearing a white Polo T-shirt. Turn around. He's right outside!" Mary was almost in tears.

I didn't dare to turn. Instead, I went close to Mary and held her by the shoulders.  

"What is he doing?" I asked.  

"I can't see him anymore. I think he went away," Mary said in a whisper.

I am very sure I was alone that night when I walked through the corridor. I remember looking behind me and at the corridor before entering Mary's office. There was no one behind me.

Of course Mary and I didn't go out of the office alone after the scary incident. We called the security guard and asked him to escort us down.  

Till today, when I think of the incident, I get goose bumps. In fact, I've got goose bumps right now as I type this story.

When Mary told her colleagues about our experience, her colleagues said that they had heard of others who had had similar experiences. A lot of people were saying that the building was haunted.

Fortunately, the building burnt down some years ago (no one knows how), and had been demolished.

EMS Palaez, Philippines


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