Philippines Ghost Stories

Floating Woman
This is a story related to me by my parents.

Before my parents were married, my mother often visited my father at his house in Daanbantayan. At midnight, my father would send my mother home on his little motorcycle. This was their courtship routine.

My mother may have been granted permission by her parents to visit my father, but she was never allowed to stay the night; it was not a respectful thing to do then. So, at midnights, no matter what, my father would send my mother home.

Normally, the rides to my mother's home were uneventful, but one night things were different.

The day was wet; it had been raining heavily. The courting couple remain indoors all day. They talked, cooked, and ate together. My father's parents liked having my mother around because, apart from being a good company, she was a great help around the house.

That midnight, it was still raining so they waited a little longer. At around one o'clock in the morning, the rain had turned into a drizzle. My father quickly brought out his little motorcycle and hopped on. My mother climbed up and hugged him. She hugged him tightly, for she knew it was going to be a cold ride home.

As they exited the main road and entered into a lonely narrow road, which would eventually take them to my mother's house, they saw an old woman crossing the road ahead. They thought nothing of her, even though she was carrying two kerosene lamps and walking very slowly. They were freezing in the cold wind, so all they could think about was getting home as soon as possible. They rode by her without saying a word. After passing the woman, both of them curiously looked into the motorcycle's handlebar mirror. What they saw, froze them completely. My father nearly crashed the motorcycle into a tree as he swerved about uncontrollably. He could not keep his hands still; they were trembling out of control.

Behind them, the old woman was floating in the air. Her feet were almost three feet off the ground. Her hair fluttered in the wind as though an electric current was going through her body. Her eyes were burning furiously, like the kerosene lamps she was carrying. She was right behind, and appeared to be chasing them.

Although petrified, my father did not lose total control of his motorcycle. He rode so fast and furiously that he missed the turn into the road that led to my mother's house. He only slowed down after my mother alerted him about the turn.

Both my parents didn't know if the other had seen what each of them had seen. When they reached home finally, my father looked into my mother's eyes in all seriousness and calmly asked her.

"Nakakita ka sa tiguwang nga naglutaw?" which means, Did you see the floating old woman?

"Yes." She replied, shuddering afterwards.

They quickly entered the house and closed the door.

That night, my mother insisted that my father slept in her house. Luckily, he did, or he may not be alive today, and I wouldn't exist.

Karmel Josephine O. Taok, 12
27 March 2007, CEBU


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