Philippines Ghost Stories

The Devil Bird
There is a giant devil bird in my village. I know it sounds absurd, but wait till you hear my story.

My family and I used to live in Muntinlupa, San Jose Village. We ran a restaurant business. It was small but lucrative. Our restaurant was located about twenty minutes of drive away from our house. We would start work very early in the mornings, before daylight.

My sister, Maria, was seven months pregnant. She and her husband, Paul, would use our van and leave for the restaurant before the rest of us.

One morning—still dark—after driving a short distance away, the van broke down. Paul and Maria had to walk to the restaurant, leaving the van stranded. Paul realised that the particular morning was strangely windy. He realised that the wind was only circling around them, not anywhere else. He looked around, and saw that there were trees about a hundred feet away, and that they were very still—not a single leave was fluttering.

They were baffled but didn’t make a big deal out of it. Then, they heard loud flapping sounds above them. It sounded like two large mattresses smacking into one another.

They looked up, and saw a giant bird. It was the size of a bus, and looked ominous. It was circling less than two hundred feet above them. Frightened, they ran but there was nowhere to hide. The flapping sounds got louder and louder, and it made Maria scream. She was so scared that she fainted. After Maria fainted, the flapping sound stopped. Paul looked up but couldn't see the giant bird anymore.

Maria was rushed to the hospital. Although personally unharmed, she lost her baby.

It seemed that the Devil bird got what it wanted.

The 'Devil Bird,' as it is called, has been sighted by many in that village. Even today, when there is a baby expected in the village, we are wary of the Devil Bird.

Antonio Sapolo, 34
18 Feb 2003


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