Philippines Ghost Stories

The Campus Imp
I was a teacher at Central Philippine University. One night, reluctantly, I worked late to prepare for the next day's class test. It was well known that the campus was haunted, and true to its reputation, strange things did take place that night.

There I was in my class minding my work when I heard a 'thud' sound coming from upstairs. I thought maybe some unlucky soul had to work late as well. Feeling glad I wasn’t the only one in the building, I felt safe and comfortable, and carried on working.

Minutes of serenity passed, then I heard someone running on the floor above. I wasn't scared, just was curious to see who was this fellow colleague of mine.

I got out of my class and made my way upstairs. On the upper level, I saw that the lights in the classroom were switched on. I could only see through the upper part of the windows, which were made of glass. The bottom half of the louvered slats were made of aluminum, so I couldn't see what was going on inside the room.

When I saw that the lights were turned on, I was relieved. It showed that someone was indeed there, and that I wasn’t imagining the running footsteps.

I pried the aluminum slats a little but couldn't see much. "Hello, hello, anyone there?” I called into the room. There was no reply. I went to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. After looking about a little bit more, I gave up, thinking the person could have gone away for a bite or something. I went back downstairs and carried on working.

Later, about half an hour or so, I heard a laughter. It was a child like, high pitched laughter. I was really spooked then. Lots of things rushed through my mind. But I wasn't going to conclude anything until I saw with my own eyes what it was. I dumped all my things in my bag and went upstairs again.

I went to the aluminum slat which I had pried earlier and bent it some more. The slit I made was not wide, but it was enough for me to get a look inside the classroom. What I saw, almost gave me a heart attack—a hairy little thing running across the classroom, then disappearing in thin air!

I swear it was real. I saw its hairy back. It was around 3 to 4 feet in height. At first, I thought it was a chimpanzee, but it was upright, ran on two legs like a little child, and it didn’t have long 'chimpy' arms.

Of course I was paralysed for a brief moment. Then, I gathered all courage and blasted out of there without looking back.

What frightened me the most was the fact that I saw it vanished in thin air right before my eyes.

Mario, 32. Teacher
20 Dec 2000


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