Malaysian Ghost Stories

The Senawang Ghosts
Our convoy was making its way down from Malaysia back to Singapore. I looked at my watch; it was 4:30pm. I was in my brother's car with my mother. My brother was driving.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, smoke came oozing out from the corners of the bonnet.

"The engine is heating up. I have to pull over," my brother said and pulled over to the side of the road.

Our friends in the other cars passed by us asking what had happened. My brother told them what had happened and told them to proceed on. "Don't wait with us. It may take a while. Your kids got to go to school early tomorrow, so carry on."

One by one, our friends passed us by. I waved at them, then turned to my brother. "How long do you think it will take for the car to cool down?"

My brother shook his head and dug into his pants pocket. He pulled out a box of cigarettes and pulled out a stick.

I looked around and felt quite scared. The day was getting dark, and it was quiet; there were no cars passing by. And, the air was totally still yet cold.

There we were, the three of us stranded somewhere in Senawang just waiting by the side of the road for the car's engine to cool down.

Suddenly, there were voices in the distance. I peered and saw movements. There were a few men walking towards us. Scared, I walked back to the car and called on my brother. "Jos, there are people coming over here."

He nodded and waved at me to get in the car.

Soon, the local guys were around the car and looking into the windows. I grabbed my mother's hand and remained expressionless. I didn't want them to think I was afraid. One of them smiled at me, so I returned a smile. He turned around and walked towards my brother, who was leaning against a metal railing fencing the roadside drain. They talked for a while, then the men turned around and walked back to where they had come from. The same guy who had smiled at me earlier, smiled again and walked on by. I was glad they didn't do any harm to my brother. I got out of the car and went over to my brother.

"What did they want?" I asked.

"Ah, just some locals trying to make a quick buck. They said they could help us repair the car. They said they were mechanics," my brother replied.

Our's is a Mercedes; a continental car. We weren't going to let these guys mess with our car.

After his smoke and a while of chatting with me, we walked back to the car, and my brother tried starting the car again. It made a coughing sound but the engine wouldn't start. My brother tried several times but still the same result—an aggressive cough but nothing more.

"Gosh, we should have at least have them try." I was talking about the local guys.

"Are you out of your mind, Sheera? They'll screw everything up and probably rob us of money and this car in the end," my brother said as he opened the door and stepped out.

I looked at my mom. She was drowsy, almost falling asleep. "Oh, mom, we're so sorry. You should have gone with Maria and the kids."

"Nevermind. They have to get home. They stay in Toa Payoh, we stay in Jurong. It's too much to asked of them," my mother said and put her head on my shoulder.

I saw my brother outside on his phone. I gathered he was calling our mechanic in Singapore. After some time of talking, he put the phone back into his pocket. He didn't look very happy as he looked at his watch. I left my mother asleep in the car and walked out.

"So, did you call the mechanic?" I asked as I walked over to my brother.

"Yeah, but he can only be here at one."

"What? At one!" I looked at my watch. It was only ten past seven.

If it wasn't for our sick old mother, we would have walked some two kilometers to the guest house we saw earlier. But now, we had remain where we were.

"I'm hungry, Jos."

"Aren't there any biscuits left?"

"Nevermind." Just then, I felt busting to pee. "Hey, keep a look out okay?" I walked to the car and opened both the front and the back doors. My brother frowned, shook his head, and looked the other way.

I pulled my jeans down and squatted between the doors. As I was relieving myself, I stared into the distance behind my brother. I saw a large tree with strong branches stemming from both sides of the trunk like arms. My eyes followed the branch, and I was shocked to see three figures perched on one of the branches. It was quite dark there, but I could still discern they were human figures. A sudden chill shuddered me. I stood up immediately pulling up my jeans. Then, I saw one of the figures, now recognisably a female, climbed effortlessly down the tree. As she was making a beeline for my brother, I realised that she was amazingly beautiful. The other two girls also climbed down and walked towards my brother, who had his back facing them. I knew what they were, and I began to fear for my brother's well being. I wanted to scream but was too afraid to do so.

The first girl then floated over the drain behind my brother and went close to his ear. Startled, my brother jumped off the railing and ran towards the car.

"GET IN!" he shouted at me.

I jumped into the back seat and slammed the door shut. Now, all three of the girls were surrounding the white Merz. One of the them looked directly at me and squealed a laughter so chilling that it made me go momentarily insane. I felt something took over me, and I started laughing hysterically. Seeing me laughing back at them made the girls really mad. One of them came close to the car window and snarled at me. Her teeth were unlike any human's. They were shark-like, and she had fangs.

My mother was so terrified seeing her children in this panicked state that she began to grope around for the Koran that was normally at the parcel shelf behind the seat. While my mom was flipping through the pages of the Koran, my brother and I looked fervently for the three Puntianak[Vampires].

"Do you see them?" I asked my brother.

"No. Maybe they have gone," he said.

Just then, I turned around, and there she was, right outside my window staring at me with her wide elongated eyes. She was no longer the beautiful figure I first saw. In fact, she was ugly as hell! She was very angry and seemed malevolent.

Looking at her made me feel really scared. If I hadn’t relieved myself, I would surely have wet myself right then.

With my screams causing my mom distress, she couldn't concentrate on the reading, so she handed the Koran to my brother. Immediately, he began to read some verses aloud. My poor mom couldn't see a thing; she is not 'gifted'.

"What's wrong? What's happened?" she asked desperately.

But we couldn't tell her, not in the state of health she was in. She was going through many ailments because of her diabetes and obesity. She may have been weak and sickly but she was far from stupid; she had figured out soon enough that we were experiencing ghosts.

"I think they are really gone now," I said, "your reading of the Koran has chased them away."

As soon as my brother put the Koran down, I heard knocking sounds.

"Mom, are you making the knocking sounds?" I whispered to my mother.

She shook her head and glanced at me.

"They haven't left. It's them. I know it's them," my brother said as he picked up the Koran again.

My brother can't see the Puntianak[vampires] but he can feel and hear them.

My brother was right, I saw two of the 'girls' moving about outside. They moved very stealthily and quickly; one moment they were here, then the next, they were gone, and then the next, they were somewhere else. It was freaky.

"Jos, I see the two of them. Where is the third one?" I looked out and around frantically.

The one missing was the one who had snarled at me earlier. I felt she had a personal grudge against me because I laughed at her earlier.

"Do you hear or feel them, Jos?"

My brother didn't hear me; he had escaped into the Koran again. He was still trembling though, and was reading silently with only his lips moving.

We sat silently in the car. Me with my arms wrapped over my mother's shoulders and my brother with his mind immersed in the Koran.

Then, to our relief, we saw bright lights coming towards our car from behind. It was a tow truck. Our Singapore mechanic was worried about us and had called a towing company in Senawang to tow our car to Malacca where we would stay the night and be picked up the next day. I was so grateful to our mechanic.

My watch showed 8 o'clock exactly. "What? It's only been an hour?" I said out loud.

"God, you're right. It felt like forever," my brother replied after checking his own watch.

"Aren't you going out to greet the Tow truck before he passes by us and leaves us here?" My mother finally spoke out.

We looked at one another, still afraid to open the doors. But we knew we had to, so my brother opened the driver side of the door and warily stepped out. The tow truck swerved onto the road shoulder right in front of us. The driver got out and walked towards our car. My brother walked on to meet him, and they began to talk between the two vehicles.

"Thank god, mom, everything is going to be all right," I said as I turned to look at my mom. Poor woman, her eyes were halfway closing, so I stopped talking. Then, suddenly, I felt someone breathing at my ear. My heart jumped, but in an instant, my fear disappeared and I became really angry. I knew it was her—the missing third vampire. I turned towards the breathing and screamed. "WHAT THE F#@K DO YOU WANT?" But strangely, nothing came out of my mouth. I began to feel fear again, and screamed. But nothing came out. I could see my brother and the tow truck driver talking outside and my mom sleeping beside me but they could not hear my screams. I was angry and frustrated, but most of all, scared as hell!

"WHY DID YOU LAUGH AT ME? DO YOU THINK WE ARE FUNNY? WHYYYYYYYYY?" The vampire screamed so loudly in my ear that I felt my head was going to explode!

I shook my head from side to side trying to rid her but she was still there. Her face was very beautiful on one side but horrendous on the other. She was bleeding profusely and her eyeball was fully exposed. Her facial skin was torn and hanging down precariously by an inch of skin still attached to her lower jaw. I couldn't look at her; I closed my eyes but she was still there—she had gone into my head.

"DO YOU THINK YOU ARE PRETTY? LOOK! LOOK, AT MY FACE. I WAS BEAUTIFUL UNTIL SOMEONE LIKE YOU SMASHED INTO ME WITH THEIR CAR. I HATE YOU! I HATE PEOPLE WHO DRIVE!" Her words reverberated in my head over and over until my mom jolted me out of my hell.

"What's wrong Sheera? Why are you screaming?"

I let out a horrendous scream and puked out green fluid all over my lap and the car foot space. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry to laugh at you. I'm sorry!" I screamed out.

"Is everything alright?" My brother opened the door and asked. He had seen my mom holding me and handing me kleenexes from outside.

"She saw something and vomited," my mom said as she helped me wipe off the green slime on my lap.

Outside, the tow truck driver was preparing to attached a dolly under our wheels.

"Do we need to get out?" my mom asked.

My brother asked the driver and he said we could just stay in the car, so we didn't move. At last, we were out of there.

Later on, in Malacca we related to each other the things that had happened. My brother said that whilst in the tow truck, the driver said to him that the place where we had become stranded was a haunted area. There had been many accidents there. Our car, breaking down suddenly, could also have been the doing of the angry spirits stranded there.

The girls are just few of the spirits trapped on Earth. They had died in car accidents and couldn't cross over until their actual predetermined life span had reached the end. I feel sad for them all.

My brother and I are gifted with a unique sixth sense—I'm are able to see spirits and he is able to feel and hear them. I realised my special talent when I was at the tender age of eleven. I used to see an old woman at a playground in my neighborhood. She always sat on a bench and not talk or look at anyone. I became curious and asked my friends about her. Obviously, my friends were puzzled. That’s when I realised that I was special. I could see spirits.

P.S. We were told later that day in Malacca itself that there was nothing wrong with our Mercedes. We took it back and drove to Singapore without a glitch.

25 May 2003



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