Japan Ghost Stories

Bobbing Head
It was a Friday, but my boss had made it very clear that he wanted my spreadsheet finished before the day was over, so I naturally had to work late.

I was straining my eyes at the tiny figures my boss gave me and entering them into the excel spreadsheet when I heard a sound coming from outside the window. I looked up but saw nothing.

"See you tomorrow Errand," a colleague said.

Now I was all alone since the only companion I had had shut down his computer and left.

I craned my neck to see what my boss was doing. He was on the phone, so I carried on working.

As I rubbed my tired eyes, I looked up and out the window before me. I was boggled to see what looked like strands of hair flowing gently in the wind. I peered harder but couldn't see much more from my low sitting position. Frustrated, I stood up to get a better look. To my horror, I saw a head bob up, and quickly back down again. It was the back side of a head. It bobbed only halfway up, so I couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman—given many men have long flowing hair nowadays.

I was, of course, very startled because our office was twelve stories up, and there was no ledge outside for anyone to stand on.

Even though I was shaken, knowing my boss was still in the office gave me some courage. I walked warily towards the window. The head suddenly turned, and I saw its eyes. They were red and huge! I screamed. As soon as I screamed, the head flew up and disappeared. It had no body, just entrails.

My boss rushed out and found me on the floor. I had fainted.

The very next day, I became ill. I was so ill, I couldn't even talk. My throat became very sore, and I had a high fever that lasted for four days.

What was worse was that I had become so scared of the office that I never went back to work there.

Errand Koji
Temp Clerk, Japan.


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