English Ghost Stories

The Japanese Voodoo Doll
I was visiting my cousins in London some time ago, and since it was my birthday, they threw me a birthday party. On that day, I received tons of presents. My favourite was a freaky Japanese voodoo doll that resembled an old man. I thought it was strange receiving such a present. I was not offended at the time, and didn't think too much of it, or even bothered to ask who gave it.

I went on enjoying the party. We drank and danced, and I met lots of new people. My cousins and I didn't sleep until the wee hours of the morning. I stayed at my uncle's house for another day, then returned home to Crawley.

I had totally forgotten about the voodoo doll, until I received a call from one of my cousins. He said that his father (my uncle) had died in a car crash. I was totally shocked. It was then that I thought about the voodoo doll again. I realised only then that it looked very much like my uncle. I told my cousin about the doll and asked him to look for it; I had left most of my presents in his house. He searched through the presents but didn't find the voodoo doll.

I was depressed the whole day, and ended up drinking lots of beer. I felt as if I had lost my mind because I was cursing and shouting at whoever it was who had given my uncle such a curse. I hadn't eaten the entire day, so I felt really weak. I took a quick shower and sort of dragged my feet towards my bedroom with my eyes halfway closed. As I reached the doorway of my bedroom, I saw a figure lying on my bed.


I stumbled backwards, fell to the floor, and blacked out. I only opened my eyes to the frantic calls of my mate much later. In a rush, I jumped up from the floor and pointed at the bed, but it was empty.

I don't know what to make of the incident. Till this day, I wonder about the person who sent the Japanese voodoo doll. I wish him or her the same fate as he or her had wished on my uncle.

Manraj Chahal, England


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